Monday, 23 May 2011

Week Commencing 23th May 2011

Phew! Last week was quite a week, all in all
And I am still recovering from it now truth be told.

Monday, first of all – I popped over to see my friend,
Rick for a quick beer for his birthday and even had
Time to pop in to see another friend on the way home
Literally who had some thoughts for a rewrite on a
Old poem of mine (which I need to sit down and have
A look at).

Tuesday – It was A Means to an End rehearsals
And we did another trial run at Chorlton’s brilliant
Iguana Bar and had a great time there – got my
Band another gig in June or July when our schedule
Lightens up at Asoustic Wednesdays in Manchester, but
More details on that to follow. Also took some pictures
On the night and perhaps got a few people to come
Along and watch us on Monday 23rd May 2011 (tonight)
Play Chorlton Arts Festival in a full length set.

Wednesdays – Was out Hospital visiting for a sick friend,
But when I got back to Cathy’s sat down and started scribbling
On a new poem which needs a lot more work about football

Thursday – Ended up going over to Freed Up Poets @ The Green Room
In Manchester for it’s last poetry open mike there. Co-hosted again
By original co-announcer Steve O’Connor, the night was a lot better
Than it has been in recent months if I am honest as a lot of people came
Back who started going a while back and it was nice to see some of
These faces again. I, myself was placed on second which was a bit
Earlier than I would have prepared if I was honest and there was
No warning of a running order (unlike previous months) which
Made it harder, but I delivered my newest poem ‘Ghosts of Manchester
Victoria’ and a older poem ‘First Holiday in Ireland’ and was happy
With what I wrote..

Friday was a total break after that, and on Saturday me and Cathy
Went to see Hanna, a new film at the cinema which was really good
With a pounding soundtrack by the Chemical Brothers which I need
To check is commercially available (I hope so). Sunday, I left early and
Went to Chorlton to perform a short set at Chorlton FM which is linked
To Chorlton Arts Festival which was great fun before then heading over
To watch Jude Cowan, a friend from London do the Manchester launch
Of her debut poetry book which was interesting (More on that later when
I review the book).

But tonight, it’s Chorlton Arts Festival.

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