Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Week Commencing 20/12/2010 (including review The Orch.)

This week is of course time for chilling over Christmas so I won’t
be doing anything really of note creative wise this week although
I will be in band rehearsals this week on Wednesday for the last
time this year.

Otherwise, following on from my previous note I went to
Go and see the Orch. Play at Whitworth Art Gallery on Friday.

Like with my own gig at the Station Hotel in Ashton two days later,
The gig was a tough one for any act to play (name of the name was
meatyard arts) as the audience really weren’t listening to the bands
but were perfectly quiet during the art side of it, which was
very, very annoying and it made life very hard listening to the
first band who was led by John Donaldson called ‘jd meatyard’
who I used to know as the singer for Calvin Party, who were
a big cult band in Manchester once upon a time and who
only got the audience to listen to them during their finale song
which I think was about Beirut. (A big shame as the material
sounded pretty good to me).

The Orch. Who came on next no two ways about it had a tough
time following that, and were missing their guitarist for the night
but whose guitars were programmed into the Keyboardist’s
equipment, but managed to shut the crowd somewhat
with their moody spoken word with Keyboards material
during their four songs.

It wouldn’t be fair to single out favourites as I adored all
four tracks (‘Without a trace’, ‘Ingland Strip’, ‘Livin in Sin’
and ‘Kenny and the Snake’) as I know and love all four
tracks on offer, and even thou in some cases they were quite
different from the album versions, it was top notch stuff.

My own gig which followed on Sunday at the Station Hotel
which was a hard, hard gig to do as it was busy and noisy
with kids running all round the place (one of which really hurt
my girlfriend Cathy who is disabled and got a stern word
off me).

I had previously played here in October as part of their
Seven stages of awareness gig which was a really nice
Beautiful, chilled gig. This time however it was mental
as it was mixed in with a lot of bands, and I came on
much later on when thankfully quite a few of the people
who weren’t listening had gone.

I kept the set quite short on purpose which I think worked in
My favour to a degree, doing just under 15 minutes doing
5 pieces in the process ‘My Mum makes Christmas Pudding
Pasties’, ‘Bad Poet’, ‘Percy’, ‘The road from Sheepshead’s
Lighthouse’ and ‘Christmas present thank you letter’.

I must admit I was happy with my set, and the audience
Was fairly quiet during the set which meant a lot to me
And I drew a really nice round of applause during the ‘Percy’
Piece which was nice as it is about my late Uncle, Percy
Who was killed during the Second World War.

 I do have video footage of this which I will upload

In the meantime, happy Christmas all!

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