Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Latest Waltzes and news (Week commencing 06/12/2010)

After the waltz of last week (See above picture - lol at Christmas Works Do), this week is pretty well back to the grind of normal stuff creative stuff wise.

I think Monday wise (tonight) I will be chilling and working a little bit on a piece for Friday night at a gig my band are doing, but not much else I think (aside from watching the third programme of Misfits which I forgot about last week on E4). Tuesday should have been band rehearsals, but that’s off on that night as Jeff is having problems with his car, so it’ll be re-scheduled to Friday.

As it stands, I should be at Cathy’s on Wednesday night and from which I will there head over to work on Thursday.

Thursday itself I am down for appearing at Pass on a Poem at Manchester City Library. More details on them be can be read here - but this is a interesting night where they want people to read out published poems they like and not their own. In my case, I will be reading  the chilling (not cold) poem by the Jewish Second World War poet Paul Cealan called ‘Winter’, and after that I will then pop down to Freed Up Poets at the Greenroom where I will be reading out my poem ‘The Other Side’ which I wrote for Freed Up which is on the theme of ‘Power’ and possibly another poem called ‘The Space between us’.

Friday night should have involved a gig at the Britain's Protection pub in Manchester for a night called Folk-Lore but that has been pulled from my band (owning to lack of space on stage), which was a concern as I know from my old experimental / noise band watching days, it can be a very tight space in there sometimes, so I am going to stop in and carry on working on my next poem which will be about Hulme....

Saturday will then be out for a few friends’ birthdays, so will involve a few beers
Providing I don’t freeze to death in the process – lol.

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