Sunday, 5 December 2010

Missing Week (Week commencing 27th November 2010)

Dear all;

Last week - Week commencing 27th November 2010 was one of those weeks
were I didn't stand still ill health or not.

The plan orginally was to write this actually on the 26th November 2010 as
I knew I was going to be busy all week for blogging etc, but sadly on Saturday
25th November 2010 I took down ill with a really, really bad stomach bug
which I originally thought was food poisoning, but in hindsight I think it
was a stomach bug (as I know of people who got something similar
just before and my father currently is very, very ill with something similar)
which knocked me out both Saturday and Sunday.

Monday I somehow let me my friend, Tony drive me down to
a open mike in Morton at a pub called the Moreton Arms. The open mike
itself was only average I felt, but there was a free buffet which more than
made than up for it and I won a prize in a prize draw which may appear
in somebody's Christmas Present stocking - lol.

The two pieces I read out was 'The Other Side' which is my newest
blogged or published poem if you like (See for more details) which I can honestly admit I have
no idea where it came from, and a old favourite '12 days of Christmas'.

The performances can be seen live at: (The Other Side) (12 days after Christmas)

Tuesday, unrecorded on purpose in case it went wrong (and it didn't)
my new band 'A Means to an end' played their first real gig at
a open jam night in Chorlton at the Iguana Bar (
which went really well and the audience really liked our three
tracks 'Secret Adventure', 'Tunnel 3' and 'Moonlight'.

I was pleased with the performance, although we were a little nervous
in one or two little bits, it came out quite well and has got us a future
pubs in Manchester which has a new night starting here called Folk-Lore 
which should be really good fun. 

I was at my works's do for Christmas on Thursday for a meal at the Hilton Hotel
which was very posh but the food was pretty naff but free and had a free bar
so didn't really do much beside that from stopping at Cathy's for two nights
(and went for a meal at a friend's birthday for a 30th) so kept it quiet.

I'll add more about this week coming tommorrow... 

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