Thursday, 30 December 2010

latest news - week commencing 27th December 2010

Of course with it been Christmas week, there is no events on of
Any kind to go and explore.

No Poetry events to really go out and scream out to the world
This is me, this is want to say.

This week for me was a week where I spent some time with
My family, and then my girlfriend and ate too much and
Drank more than I usually do.

It was nice, I must admit but during the relaxing I didn’t get
Any writing done unlike what I wanted to do aside from
A savage editing of an old poem called ‘The Snowman came
Alive’ (which I cut down from 4 typed pages to 2 pages) but
Of course, now it is back to normal… I’ll crack on with a
Few pieces which has been pending for a while. One of which
Is called ‘Waterford to Cork’ and is about a road trip I suffered
During Ireland in 2009, and then also another called ‘Billy
The Kid’ which is about a very dangerous young man.

I’m also been sorting out new projects for the New Year which
I can’t really reveal too much about yet, but this will hopefully
Include a Charity Night in Droylsden / Ashton way and maybe
Another in Hulme too.

The next thing I can definitely confirm however, the
Latest Guitar and Verse, the night that my friend Jeffarama runs
(which I assist with) at Butterflies is on next on Thursday
6th January 2010 which will be headlined by John Kerring I
believe who is a excellent singer songwriter who I saw at
Salford Crescent last year who saw a fistful of beautiful acoustic
songs about Salford.

After that, my new-ish band ‘A Means to an end’ will be
Performing at Paradox in Withington on 8th January 2010
And after that, it should be back to normal service – well
As normal as service can go with me sometimes – lol…

And maybe I’ll have a new piece or two ready by then. 

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