Thursday, 24 March 2011

Latest News - Week Commencing 21st March 2011

Very little to report this week aside from I have been writing a few bits and pieces.

I went to all of the readings I mentioned last week, W.O.L. Stockport was helpful
as I test ran a new major poem 'The Origin of the Kid' which I think will make it
to part of the live Means to an End set in due course and had fun with two other
pieces (one of which 'Spring is Coming' is blogged).

I found the 'Pass on a Poem' night at the library to a degree ruined by the whaffle
from some of the people inbetween the pieces, but it gave me great pleasure
reading out some Derek Jarman poetry from his 'The Garden' book which is
a amazing book about his Garden and then wandering over to Freed Up Poets
at the Green Room in Manchester. If I am honest, I was a little disappointed
with Freed Up as the audience was really down for the night, but thankfully
it had filled up a little by the time I performed where I read out a love poem
'Chamber Music XII' retitled 'Victoria Park' for the night and a piece that
means a lot to me 'Percy' which I got tons of praise on afterwards.

Spent part of the week-end at Cathy's, so on Sunday I went straight
(aside from a brief visit home) to my guitarist Jeffarama's which we had
a good jam with his tutor Dave (who I think will be joining us a part time
third member) and worked out arrangements for 'The Oirgin of the Kid',
'Forgotten hero' and a slight reworking of 'Tandle Hill', before heading over
to W.O.L. Bolton where a guy called Don parry joined me and Jeff on
stage for 'Tandle Hill' and I did 'Forgotten Hero' solo.

This week however, not a lot has been happening apart from me writing
a new poem 'Up on the Roof' (Strangeways) and a draft of a forthcoming
one 'Catalogue Number'. I've also been working a little bit on a play
called 'Night Game' which is looking promising also (More on that soon).

Gigs wise, not much happening for me for a few weeks until the next
Guitars and Verse in April, and then Cathy's Charity Do, but once they
are out of the way - May is going to be silly season as is July and possibly
September (with August been a month off).

More to follow next week of course (at some point).

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