Thursday, 17 March 2011

Week Commencing 14/03/2011

Week Commencing 14/03/2011

Spring at last is in the air, and my virus is finally starting to shift.

Spring is in the air and the skies are definitely starting to get bluer and bluer,
Even though it is still slightly cold which was a good reason to pack a light
Jumper to go to Stockport Art Gallery for W.O.L. – Stockport.

Considering I have been ill most of March, to go tonight wasl be a bonus for me
With several brand new pieces. I must admit I really didn’t think I would get these
Ready on any kind of level for Monday, but to get wrote what I have completed
Is a major bonus. I don’t think they are masterpieces by any stretch of thought,
But it’s a nice plus just to complete them. (Pieces were: The Origin of
the Kid, Spring is Coming and Marple Odyssey).

There was some confusion there tonight which was very annoying as when I
Arrived in the normal meeting place, there was a few people there already
Saying they were booked in the room and after some confusion they then
Went downstairs and for whatever reason several people arrived,
some of which I knew and was led to the impression that was the group
and left almost straight-away.

Stockport’s W.O.L. is a very small group indeed (9 or 10 people normally)
And to lose people like that because of a breakdown in communication
is worrying.

Rest of the week has generally been chilling as my throat still isn’t perfect
But I shall be over at Pass on a Poem again at Manchester City Library on Deansgate.tonight  and as it stands I’ll be reading a piece by
Derek Jarman on that one from his gardening book, before heading over
to Freed Up Poets @ The Green Room in Manchester to pop along to
their open mike night where I shall be reading probably ‘Chamber Music XII’ and ‘Percy’ (about my long dead Uncle).

Week-end wise won’t be much creative but I intend doing a bit more writing,
And then on Sunday night I SHOULD be at Butterflies in Bolton for W.O.L.
Bolton hindering my guitarist, Jeffarama again as normal – lol.

Must admit also I also went on a beautiful boat trip over week-end over Uppermill
Too, and it was amazing – I must admit.

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