Sunday, 27 March 2011

Week Commencing 28th March 2011

Typing this on a Sunday for once while watching
3.10 to Yuma starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe
and rather enjoying it, but certainly I am really starting
to think Spring is in the air now.

I ended up going for a beautiful walk round Longford Park
(which has been making more and more of a appearance
in my poems recently I must admit) and managed to do
a bit of writing on a few forthcoming poems (nothing
finished however). 

This week coming, I don’t have any plans for reading
But will be busy in creative projects work. Monday,
I will be trying to work out my new keyboard I bought
Off ebay on Saturday somewhat more still. Did a bit
Of messing around it this evening, not going to be
Easy but it’ll be fun exploring it over the next few
Months and if it works out maybe able to use in
The live A Means to an End set.

Tuesday, IT SHOULD BE band rehearsals
Where I have a rough draft of a new piece to
Consider called ‘Up on the roof’ (Strangeways)
Which is about the Strangeways riots in Manchester
In 1990.

Wednesday, I am going to pop round to see my friend
Olga over her paintings as I think she is going to donate
A painting, maybe two for the charity do I am looking
After in part next month.

Thursday I am at a meeting for a gig in July I am doing,
And then on Friday it’s my friend Zoe’s birthday so I
Will pop out for a drink or two, then head to Cathy’s
For the week-end.

All in all a busy week, no gigs or anything but things are
Building up as always – lol.

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