Monday, 3 January 2011

Week Commencing 03/01/2011

    Happy New Year folks.

    I am dying with a bad cold at the moment so this sadly will not
    be a epic this week by any stretch of thought.

    After a quiet spell over Christmas, this will be a little more busier
    as I am up to the following:

    1) With my buddies at Half Evil Promotions in Bolton, I am
        co-running our monthly event at Butterflies Bar in Bolton
        on Thursday 5th January 2011. It was due to have a
        headline act of John herring, but he's pulled out
        because of a bad cold, so it'll be filled in by a few
        acts Paul Sudlow and Wayne Lostsoul from Kings of
        the Delmar.

        I shall be there doing some work with my buddy Jeffarama
        (who is the announcer) and also as our duo 'A Means to a an end'

        There is space left for open mike slots (Comedy, Poetry, Music).
        Contact Jeff for more details on:  07984197175

    2)  Paradox @ Fuel Bar, Withington. Saturday 8th January 2011.
        As a Means to an end, We are down for performing a 15 minute set
        which will be slightly nerve wrecking but we'll be fine - lol.

Further things along the line:

    3) Half Evil (including myself) are in the process of announcing a special
        gig at the end of the month featuring Clara Barker, Kate Hannah and a
        few others I forget at the end of the month - probably 27th January 2010
        but more details to come.

     4) I am down for performing at Write Out Loud, Stockport in Stockport Art
         Gallery on Monday 10th January 2011 where if my voice improves I
         will be reading two brand new pieces 'Longford Cinema' and 'Brighton
         to Kemptown'.

     5) Over the summertime, with Half Evil Promotions we will be arranging a
         special night to celebrate the changes in Hulme - possibly called 'Hulme
         Aid' (More details to follow).

    6)  March / April time 2011 - I am in the process of co-sorting out a special
         charity night up East Manchester way for I believe the blind society
         and Mind. The event is really my other's Cathy's event really as these
         are charities that mean a lot to her, but I will assisting as best I can.

    7)  Book launch. More details to follow, but hoping this'll happen towards
         the end of Summer / beginning of Autumn. T.B.A

Enjoy your January otherwise folks!


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