Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Latest News and Jigs - Week Commecncing 17th Jan 2011

Quite a bit on this week either catching up with stuff from last
Week or this week, so let’s go..

Firstly, the promotions company in Bolton I help out with
‘Half Evil Promotions’ now has it’s own blogspot
and this will contain lots of pictures and news about
forthcoming gigs etc, so make sure you bookmark this
for future reference.

Last Monday, I went to the monthly meet up at W.O.L.
Stockport. The group again was very very small (10 I think)
but this was down to the art gallery who locked the front door
and DID NOT put any signs directing people to the back door.
A terrible, terrible mistake which resulted in the night starting
really, really late and possibly cost them a few new members.

When the night got going, I read out two brand new poems
‘Longford Theatre’, which is about a local, shut theatre in
Stretford near me and ‘Brighton to Kemptown’ is the third
in my series of Brighton based poems. Although ‘Brighton
to Kemptown’ is a work in progress I think still, I was
particularly delighted with ‘Longford Theatre’. It was just
a pity there wasn’t a few more people there to listen to
and enjoy it also.

Last week, Jeffarama one of the founding members of Half
Evil Promotions after a recent take-over hosted his first
Write Out Loud Event in Bolton and moved it over to Butterflies
Bar, where in a first night he got in around 30 or so people which
is an amazing turn-out considering previously they had been
getting something like 12 or so people. Hopefully Jeff will
be able to keep this going. Pictures are available to view
on the blogspot (Some select videos are currently been uploaded).
During that night my new band ‘A Means to an End’ played a newish
number called ‘Moonlight’ which seemed to go down really, really well
and I also read ‘Longford Theatre’ again which went down very
very well again.

I had a meeting last night too (Monday) over a new possible night
called ‘Poetry Pairs’ (More details to follow) and also received a
email from Nicola Lawton from Chorlton Arts Festival over a
possible appearance for their 2011 festival (More details to follow).

Tonight, I am in a meeting over a possible charity night in Droylsden
and will squeeze in band rehearsals as it also involves my guitarist Jeff

Lastly on Thursday, I’m over at a poetry open mike night called ‘Freed Up
Poets’, at the Green Room in Manchester. I have been a little critical of
this night recently, but I hope this time with Gerry Potter guest co-hosting
with Dominic Berry.

The guest co-host thing of Freed Up is a dangerous ground of course when
you have a constantly guest co-host happening as they can mess up on the
acts coming on if they don’t know them. Hopefully with Gerry Potter this time,
they shouldn’t have this problem and I hope it should be a top night.

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  1. Sounds like you have some great stuff coming up...nice one!x