Sunday, 30 January 2011

Latest Views and Chills - Week Commencing 30th January 2011

Andy Nicholson

Dear all;

After the lateness of last week - I thought I would type up this week coming's
news and views before I go to bed and no doubt then totally forget about it
until about Thursday again.

First of all - my band did a couple of songs at the beginning of my guitarist
Jeffarama's new band 'Acoustic night at Butterflies' Friday just gone. If I
am honest - it was a very difficult couple of songs to do, but when you
are in a new band (or newish here), everything is a experience and a noisy,
drunken crowd is just one of those things you have to put up with sometimes
and I came away with drafts of three new poems (or was it four) that looked
quite promising which I need to sit down and have another look at.

Week-end otherwise I ended up seeing Cathy and suffered watching the
Manchester City today which wasn't that clever but it's one of the perks
I have following Manchester City. This week however, I have the now
regular rehearsal night for 'A Means to an End'. We rehearsed out a
new number last week 'Memories of Moss Side' which I am looking
forward to exploring further with.

If this goes well - am hoping to have a crack at performing this at
my guitarist's Jeff night at Butterflies 'Guitars and Verse' which I think
is starting to go great guns now. According to the Half Evil Promotions
blog (which me and Jeff are part off -, a gent called Injun Joe who I don't know personally
but have been told is a excellent young singer songwriter is headlining
so am hopeful it'll be another excellent night.

Rest of the week - I will be waiting patiently in the post when
not in work hoping for the arrival of my valentine's present I ordered
online last week. If it comes out like I think it will, I'll have a announcement
to make over the next few weeks.

And ontop of that, I am looking forward to exploring these new poems again.

Have fun

Andy N

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